This action packed Hip-Hop drama explores the life of Oscar Hernandez, a Latino up and coming Rapper who embarks on a journey to land a recording contract and make his name shine in the cut-throat Hip-Hop industry.

Oscar quickly discovers that all that glitters is not gold when a chance encounter with the owner of the hottest Latin Hip-Hop label on the West Coast leaves him signed to the label for the next decade and his best friend clinging to life. But when a tip off from a rival record label uncovers disturbing evidence of Oscar's company's conspiracy to murder their top artists to generate higher record sales, Oscar quickly discovers that he is next on their list. He desperately begins plotting his plan of escape, but when his attempt to flee is unveiled, he is forced to confront the demons of his past and return to the life of violence he's sworn to stay away from.

"Platinum Illusions" is an exciting tale of strength and survival against impossible odds, filled with terror, humor and action! A film that is worthy to call itself the first "true" Latin Hip-Hop movie.